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Undercover God


What if God were one of us…?

Recently my husband and I were waiting at a street corner for the light to change, and a panhandler came up to us. My husband reached into his pocket and gave the man a dollar bill, then turned to me and said, you never know – that could be God.

It is a question often asked: what if God was here on earth, walking among us. Is it the panhandler? The mother and child? My dog with the beautiful retinas?

And then it struck me.

When I think of the miracles in my life, how I have been richly rewarded, attracting beautiful life experiences and wonderful people into my life, I wonder what if I am God — a Goddess in the Real World — but I am so deep undercover that I have come to believe my own story, that I am just the lady on my driver’s license.

Perhaps we are all God, on a deep undercover mission, and we’ve gone so far undercover we’ve almost forgotten what our mission is?

What if you were God? What are you really here to do?