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Hello world!



There is a growing movement to discover and express our divine nature – our Self, our Soul, our Source.

Whereas in the past, one might have retreated to a mountaintop, nowadays we are more practical – or at least I am, anyways.

We need to reboot the way we live our lives. A way to be our true self while living our real life. While paying the bills, walking the dog, raising the kids, looking for work. Admiring a sunset, a flower, brilliant yellow leaves against a bright blue sky, looking deeply into the eyes of the one we love.

Deeply profound and divinely practical.

This is the story of a Goddess In The Real World. The journey to embrace our True Identity. All while being a successful functioning human being in the here and now.

Step into living as who you really are. You too can be a God or Goddess in the real world.