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You Are It.


stay zen
“It’s fantastic to look at people and see that they really, deep down, are enlightened. They’re It. They’re faces of the divine.

And they look at you, and they say ‘oh no, but I’m not divine. I’m just ordinary little me.’ You look at them in a funny way, and here you see the buddha nature looking out of their eyes, straight at you, and saying it’s not, and saying it quite sincerely.

And that’s why, when you get up against a great guru, the Zen master, or whatever, he has a funny look in his eyes. When you say ‘I have a problem, guru. I’m really mixed up, I don’t understand,’ he looks at you in this queer way, and you think ‘oh dear me, he’s reading my most secret thoughts. He’s seeing all the awful things I am, all my cowardice, all my shortcomings.’

But that’s not what he’s looking at. He’s giving you a funny look for quite another reason altogether. He’s giving you a funny look because he sees in you the Brahman, the Godhead, just claiming it’s ‘poor little me’.”

~ Alan Watts, Lectures on Zen/Spiritual Alchemy

Hello world!



There is a growing movement to discover and express our divine nature – our Self, our Soul, our Source.

Whereas in the past, one might have retreated to a mountaintop, nowadays we are more practical – or at least I am, anyways.

We need to reboot the way we live our lives. A way to be our true self while living our real life. While paying the bills, walking the dog, raising the kids, looking for work. Admiring a sunset, a flower, brilliant yellow leaves against a bright blue sky, looking deeply into the eyes of the one we love.

Deeply profound and divinely practical.

This is the story of a Goddess In The Real World. The journey to embrace our True Identity. All while being a successful functioning human being in the here and now.

Step into living as who you really are. You too can be a God or Goddess in the real world.