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The Dog With The Beautiful Retinas


Recently, my dog was not well, and I was dissatisfied with our usual vet’s response. Maybe some medicine, maybe it will get better in a few days, maybe some tests. Either way, the prescription was pretty much to just put up with it.

So we took him to a holistic vet. As she examined him, she made notes on how to change his diet, what supplements and homeopathic treatments would help, and then she said something I didn’t expect. “Your dog has beautiful retinas”. She looked deeply into his eyes and continued, “Have you ever looked at his retinas? They’re beautiful — sort of iridescent, like a rainbow.”

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then my dog having beautiful retinas struck me as a dog with a beautiful soul.

How often do we get so wrapped up in our circumstances or conditions that we forget who we are, deep in our soul? Then life focuses around the external, and our options are to try to fix or change anything that is not wanted. Thus the vet says, maybe medicine, maybe tests, maybe just put up with it like everyone else, some things can’t be fixed, or maybe it will get better in a few days. There’s no power in that. That’s not how a God/Goddess lives in the real world.

As the beautiful retinas observation taught me, when we look within and see the beauty of the soul, we are reminded of who we are. Then, intuitively (and possibly with a little outside expertise) we can find our way to the next best expression of who we really are and the joyous abundance with which we deserve to live.

The minute we walked out of that vet’s office, we both were thriving. We have a new reality into which we are now living. The condition of my dog’s wellness is transformed. I am uplifted and returned to that sense of “life is good” that is possible when we live as a God/Goddess In The Real World.

Interesting Note: Every time I went to write “dog” in this story, it came out “god”.