Downloading All The Time


I marvel at people walking everywhere with the ubiquitous thin white cord running from their ears to some hidden iPod, iPhone, or iPad. I don’t need an external device to be plugged in to hear music, talk, entertainment… I just listen to the thoughts in my mind.

I know they are just thoughts in my mind, so they don’t bother me (much). Sometimes I get into a story in one of my programs that gets me really worried – usually some fear about failing health. I’ll be following the story, going where the fear and drama take me, and I’ll notice the apprehension in my body. I’ll notice that in fact I haven’t been aware of one flower, one tree, since the story started. In fact, I don’t even know how I got where I am when I realize this.

Other times, a favorite tune comes on – sometimes just an oldie but goodie from the vault – such as “Why do birds suddenly appear” from The Carpenters (circa 1969), or “What a Wonderful World,” or more recently, “Say It Isn’t So” by Hall & Oates. I’ll briefly wonder what triggered the song: a chirping cluster of sparrows near my dog? the quiet freshness of the morning air? did I just hear that from a passing car radio?

Sometimes I get ideas for this blog, or a message I think I have to remember to tell someone – or I might replay something I did tell someone and imagine what if I had saidthis instead of that. Other times, I think I know what other people are going to say to me, and I start to have an entire conversation with them in my head.

I might imagine a scenario where we win the lottery or some other good fortune, but most likely it’s something much more mundane.

But one thing I know for sure. A bright, beautiful living bouquet of colorful flowers will stop me every time.

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