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You Are It.


stay zen
“It’s fantastic to look at people and see that they really, deep down, are enlightened. They’re It. They’re faces of the divine.

And they look at you, and they say ‘oh no, but I’m not divine. I’m just ordinary little me.’ You look at them in a funny way, and here you see the buddha nature looking out of their eyes, straight at you, and saying it’s not, and saying it quite sincerely.

And that’s why, when you get up against a great guru, the Zen master, or whatever, he has a funny look in his eyes. When you say ‘I have a problem, guru. I’m really mixed up, I don’t understand,’ he looks at you in this queer way, and you think ‘oh dear me, he’s reading my most secret thoughts. He’s seeing all the awful things I am, all my cowardice, all my shortcomings.’

But that’s not what he’s looking at. He’s giving you a funny look for quite another reason altogether. He’s giving you a funny look because he sees in you the Brahman, the Godhead, just claiming it’s ‘poor little me’.”

~ Alan Watts, Lectures on Zen/Spiritual Alchemy

abundance for all


panache energyWelcome to who you really are.

There are many spiritual paths, many spiritual teachers and friends. Here are some free meditations and music to support you in knowing and living as Who You Really Are in the new year.

Celebrate. Enjoy.

You belong here.

Super Soul Sunday Wisdom


Jean Houston and Oprah (c) Harpo Studios 2012

“The world needs a sense that we are all in it together.” With those words, philosopher and author Dr. Jean Houston sums up the simple awareness which, if lived out loud, would transform the world.

Jean Houston is one of the founding mothers of the human potential movement, self-described as, “an evocator of the possible, and a midwife of souls.”

Recently, Jean sat down with Oprah for a televised talk that covered world-altering, transformational ideas. You can watch the interview here for a limited time.

Other pearls of wisdom from Jean Houston’s interview with Oprah:

“Aging is deepening, becoming heartful, more loving and discovering that the universe lives in you.”

“We are always in some way being called to the larger life that Reality desires for us.”

“What would you look like if you saw yourself through the Eyes of God?”

“If you don”t accept the CALL, you die a little everyday, leading a repressed life.”

“Expand our inner capacities for radical empathy.”

As Jean likes to say, “These are the times, and we are the people.” Here’s to living your life’s purpose!

Note: Jean has a new book: The Wizard of Us: Transformational Lessons from Oz.

Stunning, Spiritual Television


Where else do you see this kind of television programming? A mainstream, major media personality. Some of today’s most popular spiritual leaders. A long conversation, about living your life, what it means to be human. Awakening us to our spiritual reality.

We are more than our fights over Obama and Romney. We are more than our circumstances – working or unemployed, rich or poor – and more than our identity  – male, female, married, single, parent, sibling, friend, enemy.

We are not limited by these things – yet they are often the most real and present ways in which we relate to the world. Spiritual television doesn’t ignore those aspects of our lives – and neither should we. These programs include them, and expand our perception to something more that we know we are and that we in our best moments hope to be true.

In an interview, Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh says he does not watch television; if anything really important happens, someone will tell him. “You don’t have to listen to the news three times a day.” (editor’s note: in fact, that will probably detract from any spiritual feelings you may have had!)

Watching these shows, you will have a glimpse – at least a small glimpse – of who you really are:  a spiritual being, having a human experience.

Where to watch it:

On OWN, the Oprah Winfrey Network (on cable, satellite, or online):

  • Super Soul Sunday – conversations with Deepak Chopra, Thich Nhat Hanh, Ram Dass, and more.
  • Master Class – surprisingly insightful contemplations from the unexpected public figures, including Jon Bon Jovi, Jane Fonda, and more.
  • Oprah’s Lifeclass – instruction from Deepak Chopra, Tony Robbins and more
  • Oprah’s Next Chapter – her trip to India contained some of the most intimate and insightful views into the culture

Courtesy guest contributor RebootTheMedia