Why Goddess in the Real World?  To begin to know the answer, one must first ask the questions:

* Who am I?  A God/Goddess. Spiritual. Having a human experience. In the “real” world.

* Where am I?  Gods once inhabited great monuments on earth, many of which are now in ruins. My Goddess-connection began in Athens, Greece, at the site of the Parthenon (pictured). My mother sits beside me. My father took the picture.

* Why am I where I am?  To communicate ideas that transform and inspire.

* What do I intend to do about that?  Evoke spiritual magnificence and harmony in the “real world”.

As my friend and spiritual messenger Neale Donald Walsch says from his Conversations with God books, “You should be spending the days of your life seeking to express and to experience, through you as you, who you really are. The intent of every moment of your life should be simply to discover, to express and to experience your Divinity.”

This blog, Goddess In The Real World, is to discover, express and experience just that — to embrace the notion of our True Identity. All while being a successful functioning human in the place we are living now.

Step into living as who you really are — with joy,

Goddess in the Real World

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