Richly Rewarded


I Need A Job” update: Previously, this Goddess In The Real World had lost her job (well, actually, she was told it was over). So, this Goddess declared she is not just going to try to get any old “job” and not going to wait for “them” to choose her. She is going to be richly rewarded in abundant, happy, satisfying ways, for doing what she loves.

Two weeks later, she gets a great job.

That is the difference that living as a Goddess In The Real World makes. Yes, we are living in the real world, so our problems may be ordinary – get a job, pay the bills, be healthy, be happy. But that ordinary world becomes extraordinary when we step into living as who we really are.

Because, really… who wouldn’t want to have a God/Goddess working for them?

Read the “I Need A Job” Transformation story here.

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