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Richly Rewarded


I Need A Job” update: Previously, this Goddess In The Real World had lost her job (well, actually, she was told it was over). So, this Goddess declared she is not just going to try to get any old “job” and not going to wait for “them” to choose her. She is going to be richly rewarded in abundant, happy, satisfying ways, for doing what she loves.

Two weeks later, she gets a great job.

That is the difference that living as a Goddess In The Real World makes. Yes, we are living in the real world, so our problems may be ordinary – get a job, pay the bills, be healthy, be happy. But that ordinary world becomes extraordinary when we step into living as who we really are.

Because, really… who wouldn’t want to have a God/Goddess working for them?

Read the “I Need A Job” Transformation story here.

I Need A Job


I’m looking for a job… I need a job… That’s a “real world” statement that would never be uttered by a God/Goddess.

In the morning I walk the dog, look at the colors of the leaves, remnants of flowers. I pass people walking along, by themselves, toward the train station. People wait on the platform, and get into the first train that comes along. They are going to work.

Why do we work — I mean, what is this thing we call work, anyway?

I know we work to get money — but think about it… how much of our life we turn over in pursuit of a paycheck. Indeed, it seems we have no choice, unless we already happen to have money and don’t need to work.

In those flashes of higher consciousness when we know this is not all there is — those moments of profound, spiritual connection, or just the sense that there is something else, the “more” between heaven and earth than is dreamt of in Horatio’s philosophy — in those moments we know we are not meant to dwell each day at a desk, to spend our days and late into our evenings away from our beloveds, wearing clothes we do not want to wear (do you know anyone who wears their work clothes on their day off?), and working on priorities that are not our own.

One of the stories I shall tell here is that I am looking for a job. In fact, I am creating what I am here on earth for — how I shall contribute my unique talents (rather than merely fit in and conform). I shall discover even as I recount it here, how to live from my highest self and make the difference that is uniquely mine AND pay the bills to have the life I want — richly rewarded.

One approach to job-hunting is career reinvention. Asking yourself, if you could do anything at all — if money was no object — what would you be doing? That’s a God/Goddess question. Another approach, usually considered to be more practical, is to scour the internet and your social network to “job hunt” and “interview” — i.e. find a job out there and then try to get Them to choose You to fill it. Decidedly not God/Goddess-like.

So, I am not just searching for a job — I am seeking to create a new paradigm for how we live and who we are.

Thank you for joining me!